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In today’s society we utilize a number of indicators to make quick assumptions about others. Muscular men, for example, are regarded as healthier than men with pear-shaped bodies; and even less noticeable features like the presence of glasses can make a person appear smarter.

One of the most persuasive visual factors of health is the beauty of your smile. People tend to perceive you as being healthier, classier and more open when you have a beautiful smile that you readily share with the rest of the world.

The problem is that even a smile with teeth that are both functional and healthy can appear sub-optimal. Yellow teeth are one of the most common conditions that can make a healthy smile appear significantly less healthy.

Teeth bleaching
Whitening – bleaching treatment before and after close up.

Let’s take a look at the topic of why individuals find whiter teeth more attractive before exploring why you may choose to undergo professional teeth whitening.

Bleaching Your Teeth to Make Yourself More Attractive

There is an established correlation between the beauty of a smile and the health of a person. People whom take care of their teeth tend to be capable of taking care of their bodies, which in turn makes them appear more attractive.

While this makes sense as far as the absence of missing teeth go, the link between the color of your teeth and the effect it has on how you are perceived may be less clear.

Yellow teeth tend to be associated with disease, negative genetic predispositions, an inability to clean one’s self properly, low social status and so forth. Smokers are an example of a demographic that tends to have poor dental hygiene and a myriad of undesirable conditions.

This effect extends past how healthy your body is perceived. People with yellow teeth tend to refrain from smiling, which in turn can make them appear less friendly than individuals whom do smile. This is because attractiveness and perceived sociability tend to be linked.

Why Opt for Teeth Whitening?

Teeth whitening becomes a valid option for individuals whom may have otherwise healthy teeth. It allows for the stains that attach themselves to teeth to be whitened, which in turn can provide teeth with a substantially more attractive appearance.

The reason bleaching is a better alternative for some is because of the accessible nature of professional whitening. It acts on the stains that tend to embed themselves in the deeper levels of the tooth tissue, which in turn allows for the problem to be addressed without affecting the enamel that protects the teeth.

In contrast to alternatives like crowns, fillings and veneers, there is no area that is created that allows for leakage to occur. This leakage is what allows for cavities to inevitably form in these restorations, which in turn is why these restorations tend to require replacement until the inevitable failure of the natural tooth.

Teeth whitening affects the dentin layer of the tooth rather than the enamel, which in turn means that an otherwise healthy tooth remains fully capable of protecting the rest of the tooth without compromise. When coupled with a proper tooth cleaning, whitening can cause a smile to look radiant without an unnatural appearance that may seem fake like some restoration-heavy smiles can appear.

Is It Safe to Bleach Your Teeth?

One of the most common questions from our patients regards the safety of bleaching your teeth. When done by a professional, teeth whitening is completely safe. It does not allow for cavities to form, nor does it thin the enamel, nor does it harm the soft tissue in the mouth.

When coupled with teeth cleanings, it can enhance the overall health of your already healthy smile.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

Tooth whitening is something that should be applied on a personalized basis. One person may benefit from cosmetic restorations while another may benefit more from whitening of the teeth.

To see if whitening is the right cosmetic treatment for you, contact our offices. We can perform a personalized consultation to determine the most effective method of improving your smile.


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