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Improve Your Smile With A Bridge or Crown

A beautiful smile is the first thing noticed when meeting new people. It conveys the impression of someone who is aware of the importance of looking one’s best at all times. That is why contacting professionals such as Michelle Brown DDS is important when seeking superior dental care.

Michelle Brown DDS has an excellent background which enables her to provide the latest techniques in dental problems. A graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill, she has devoted her practice to providing the best service possible for patients of all ages. As the mother of two children, she has developed an excellent technique for working with younger patients who look forward to return visits.

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Upon visiting Dr. Michelle Brown’s office, you will be treated by an expert staff that is especially trained to provide each patient with individual attention. From the check-in clerk, to being seated in the dentist chair, you will be treated in a manner that provides a sense of comfort and ease. A first visit takes approximately 90 minutes and will include paper work and a thorough dental examination.

Dr. Brown provides service in all areas of dental work. In today’s world, Cosmetic Dentistry has become very popular. Whether veneers, porcelain crowns, implants, bridges or bleaching is required, it is now possible to change one’s smile into one of beauty. This type of dentistry requires an expert in the field if you want the very best result possible.

A crown is an effective method of saving a tooth that is cracked, broken or damaged. It is a relatively simple procedure and takes two visits to the dentist. It is especially effective for improving misshaped, large or crooked teeth that are ruining your smile.

The procedure consists of numbing the problem tooth area, shaping the tooth and making an impression. This impression is sent to a dental laboratory to create a permanent crown. In the meantime you will have a temporary one in place until you return to Dr. Brown’s office where the lab prepared one will be attached.

The advantages of a crown are:

• Avoids extraction

• Improves talking and chewing

• Is long lasting

Another procedure that has gained in popularity is a bridge. This is a popular method of replacing a missing tooth or several teeth. During this procedure, X-rays are taken and supporting teeth prepared to support the bridge. A temporary bridge is attached until the dental laboratory prepares a permanent one. There are two types of bridges.

• A permanent bridge

• A removable bridge

A permanent bridge consists of one or two artificial teeth that are cemented to the adjoining teeth. This allows a person to enjoy the benefit of a natural look as well as enjoying eating without the problem of food being lodged between the teeth.

A removable bridge is used when there are teeth missing on each side of the lower jaw. In this case, a bar, which fits behind your regular teeth, is shaped to your mouth with the missing teeth attached. This type of bridge has metal prongs which attach to permanent teeth to keep the bridge in place. It is removable, which makes it easy to keep clean.

There have been extraordinary advances in dental care over the past few years. Therefore it is important to have a dentist who is aware of the latest innovations. You will find such a person in Dr. Michelle Brown who has the latest equipment and materials to make your visit comfortable and provide any procedure necessary to customize your personal dental needs.

Improve your smile, self-esteem, and overall appearance with dentistry that fits your particular situation. Let us develop a personalized dentistry plan for your smile enhancement with a full understanding of your needs and budget.

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