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How to Obtain a Hollywood Smile

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How to Obtain a Hollywood Smile

Have you ever noticed, when watching a movie, what beautiful smiles the star players have? Their teeth are not only perfectly even but are brilliantly white as well. At least 90% of these actors and actresses have undergone Cosmetic Dentistry.

In today’s modern dental office you will find a doctor who has been trained in the latest dentist technology. They not only can make any type of dental repair or replacement but use the state-of-the-art equipment and medications that make a dental visit no big deal.

Whether removing decay and filling cavities, mending a broken tooth, giving you the smile of a lifetime or performing other procedures to restore your teeth, today’s modern dentist is able to provide a pain free visit. This provides you with confidence and the ability to maintain healthy teeth by scheduling routine visits.

As with the Hollywood stars, many people are interested in Cosmetic Dentistry. In today’s world, competition for good jobs is at a premium. That means, when going for an interview, appearance plays a large part in being hired. There is a big difference between an applicant that has a beautiful smile and one that displays teeth that are discolored, mismatched and otherwise unattractive. Personal relationships can also be affected by the condition of a person’s teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry has a number of options. Teeth that are chipped, broken, mis-shaped, or have other problems are taken care of first.

Types of Cosmetic Dentistry:

• Dental Implants

• Teeth Whitening

• Dental Crowns

• Dental Veneers

• Teeth Shaping

• Tooth Bonding

Dental implants are used to replace missing teeth. They are ordinarily made out of titanium and are permanently attached to the jaw bone. Used to replace a missing tooth, it can also be used as an anchor for a denture, crown or bridge.

Tooth whitening, sometimes called “teeth bleaching, is used when teeth are discolored or are badly stained. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you can have this procedure as it will not work for everyone.

Crowns are primarily used on teeth that have large chips or significant decay. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers a tooth’s root. They are made of porcelain fused to metal, ceramic or resin. A temporary crown is provided until a permanent one is available from a dental laboratory. Crowns are an excellent way to retain the convenience of a permanent tooth while removing chips or decay. They are used primarily on molar teeth. This procedure requires two office visits.

Porcelain veneers are especially popular and are applied to the front teeth. These are thin shells that can cover all types of dental repairs and provide a total smile restoration. Veneers are especially popular because they disguise chips, gaps, stained or misshaped teeth that are otherwise unattractive. Temporary veneers are applied until permanent ones can be made. This procedure requires two office visits.

Cosmetic teeth shaping is also called “enamel shaping”. This process involves filing or removing some of the enamel and has an immediate change in the shape of the tooth involved.

Dental bonding, sometimes called filling, is done by replacing missing enamel with a composite resin, which is shaped to merge with the natural tooth. The area affected is etched and the resin is secured with an adhesive material. An ultraviolet light is used to permanently set the resin. If you have good looking teeth and one becomes chipped, this is an excellent method to make a repair that is not noticeable.

Many people do not go to the dentist until something, such as an aching tooth, occurs. Today’s modern dentist has medications, which make the visit a painless experience. Regular visits, starting at a young age, will assure teeth that can last a lifetime. It is not uncommon to find people in their 80’s or 90’s with their original teeth, simply because of good dental care.

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