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Have a Beautiful Smile With Professional Dental Cleaning
One of the parts of one’s body that can be kept in excellent condition with very little care are the teeth. All it requires is daily brushing and professional dental cleaning. If this is done by a highly trained dentist such as Michelle P. Brown DDS, it is possible to retain the natural beauty of well cared for teeth.

Doctor Brown DDS is well known in the dental community for her excellent work and attention to detail. As the mother of young children she has developed a technique that makes this type of tooth care popular with youngsters as well as older patients. She was trained, by experts in the field, while attending UNC-Chapel Hill where she learned the latest advancements in modern dental care. Using state-of—the-art equipment and medications she makes sure your visit to the dentist is one that is relaxed and comfortable.Upon entering the office you will be greeted by a member of Dr. Brown’s team who is trained to provide a patient with the kindness and attention he or she deserves. After filling out a number of papers you will be placed in the dental chair for a thorough examination by the doctor.

Following are the evaluations done by Dr. Brown:

Review medical history to check for physical conditions that may affect oral health

Take X-rays and check teeth for decay or other problems

Examine gum tissue for possible problems caused by tartar

Check patterns of chewing, swallowing or biting which may affect teeth

Examine and screen for oral cancer

Advise the need for tooth repair, such as a filling, crown or bridge

Dental Cleaning may include the following services:

Remove tartar and plaque from teeth

Remove stains where necessary

Apply Fluoride after cleaning

Use latest equipment to polish teeth

If needed, adjust and clean denture and partial dentures

If needed children will have sealants applied

A daily flossing and brushing technique will help prevent tartar from forming on the teeth. An accumulation of tarter can allow bacteria to grow and can lead to loss of teeth if not properly cared for. If tartar must be removed a topical anesthetic will eliminate any discomfort.In some cases it is necessary to remove tartar from the roots of the teeth. This is called root planing or deep scaling and is done one section at a time. In this procedure the section being worked on is frozen to eliminate any discomfort. This type of cleaning requires several appointments, which makes it possible to have shorter and more manageable treatments.

Upon completion of your dental cleaning, you will receive instructions for proper flossing and tooth brushing and be apprised of any concerns regarding a need to return for future treatment. In addition you will receive nutritional counseling and instructions for self-examination, which can help avoid decay or other tooth problems.Dr. Brown realizes the cost of dental care can sometimes be overwhelming and is happy to work out a budget plan that will fit your particular situation. Her main concern is making sure her patients’ teeth are in good condition and free of pain caused by tartar, plaque or decay.

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