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How to Cure Bleeding Gums
When one has any problem with their teeth it is important to consult with someone who is an expert in the field. Such a person can be found in Garner, NC in the offices of Michelle P. Brown DDS. Trained in the latest techniques and medication at UNC- Chapel Hill she has the distinction of being a leading dentist in her field. As a mother of two young children, she has developed a special technique for treating younger children. This assures that they have dental care which will help them develop beautiful teeth.

In addition to younger children, Dr. Brown treats patients of all ages and with all types of dental problems. Using state-of-the-art equipment and the latest developed medications, she is able to successfully treat any type of dental situation which may arise.

One of the most common types of dental problems is a gum disease called gingivitis.Common signs of gingivitis include:

Red, receding or puffy gums

Blood on the tooth brush

Bleeding on the gums

Gums pulling away from the teeth

Gums are tender to the touch

Bad breath, which indicates plaque and bacteria

Pain when chewing

Sensitivity to heat and cold

Loose teeth

If any of the above signs appear it is important to contact Dr. Brown immediately for an appointment to take care of the problem.

There are a number of things that can cause gum disease. The most common is the formation of plaque and bacteria on the teeth that accumulates in spite of daily brushing. Having a dental checkup every 6 months will help avoid this problem.

Common causes of gingivitis are:

Smoking, which restricts normal role of gum tissue cells

Hormonal shifts, which often occur during pregnancy

Deficiency of proper food

Certain prescription medications

Misaligned teeth

History of family gum disease

Fortunately, a visit to Dr. Brown’s office will result in a removal of this irritating disease. If you are not familiar with professional dental care or are hypersensitive, you will be pleased to find a professional and caring team who understands your problem and is ready to help you relax and enjoy your dental visit.Your first visit will take approximately 90 minutes. During this time you will fill out necessary papers and receive a full examination by the doctor. She will make an initial evaluation and determine the exact cause of your dental problem. This may involve recommending the correction of misaligned teeth, poorly fitting crowns, dental restorations or bridges that can cause periodontal disease.

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